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The AURORA PROJECT on WDHA 105.5 FM Homegrown Spotlight - August 20, 2017

Be sure to catch The AURORA PROJECT's tribute to John Wetton and their performance of ASIA's "Never In A Million Years" on WDHA's Homegrown Spotlight with Lindsay Klein next Tuesday August 29 at 11:30 PM!!!


What is 'The Aurora Project'? - June 20, 2017

For immediate release!  Members of two local New Jersey bands join forces to create: 


This merger of talent was discussed when members of "Diver" and "Katalyst" first crossed paths in 2006 during the reunion tour of the Four Original Members of the 80's supergroup "ASIA".  Upon learning of the unfortunate passing of ASIA vocalist / bassist John Wetton in January 2017, the two bands who had developed a friendship over the years decided to pay homage to John Wetton and the music of ASIA, and record a tribute cover of one of their songs.

The featured song is an album track from ASIA's 1983 LP Alpha entitled "Never in a Million Years".  The track is a true tour de force of melodic Pop/Rock and features vocalists Art DeMatteis and Kathy Francis; Bassist John Francis; Keyboardist Brian O'Sullivan; Guitarist Eric Rocco; and session drummer Steve Honoshowsky.

The song and accompanying video were subsequently featured, along with a host of other amazing tributes to John Wetton, at "AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE: AN INTERACTIVE CELEBRATION OF THE LIFE & MUSIC OF JOHN WETTON" which was held on June 17, 2017 at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood NJ.

The AURORA PROJECT are currently in the process of planning a follow-up recording before the end of 2017.


  • Art DeMatteis: Lead and backing vocals (Diver)
  • Kathy "Kat" Francis: Lead and backing vocals (Katalyst)
  • John Francis: Bass, Taurus Pedals, Vocoder, and backing vocals (Katalyst)
  • Brian O'Sullivan: Keyboards and backing vocals (Katalyst)
  • Eric Rocco: Guitars and backing vocals (Diver)
  • Drums performed by Steve Honoshowsky

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