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Katalyst: Music

My Hill

(K. Francis & J. Francis, JAK Songs 2004)
- That special place everyone “goes” to find peace -
I lay at the top of a hill
It’s my special place where I can just be me
The view is so beautiful
I am above it all, my pain

All alone, I count the days of my life
And one by one, dream them away
Streaming through the leaves the sun
On my face it kisses me and I am free

Here I can look up a tree
Pretend I’m a leaf swaying
I see clouds in the sky
Rolling by me

I wish I could share this all with you

Here I go, I’m like a child
Rolling down my hill
Rolling down, come roll with me

Pulling petals from a daisy to see
If you really love me
And I want to kiss you
And I want to share it with you

I close my eyes and I hear
A bird singing songs of love for me and you
Flying high in the sky,
On the wings of that little bird, I send love for you

And here at the top on my hill
Where butterflies dance and there’s peace in the rain
From high, I look down on the earth but I hear the world crying

I wish I could share this all with you…